• Now a days commonly we can relate growth of tutions system in India with increase in competions. As the competition is increasing students donot want to skip any step in that stage .Apart from this , seeing other students going for tution , parents also force their kids for whether they needed or not. Students and parents find tutions or home tutors for extra currical activites helds in schools now a days.
  • Now a days student are tottaly dependent on tutions studies. Students cannot do self studies by their own in mean time. Today even the topper students need tutions and guidance for tackling questions in exams. Private tutions and coaching classes have most imprtant part in students life. Private tutions has helped to shape their future carrer by providing proffesional knowledge.
  • Private tutions provide an enviroment where the student can express their probelms and doubts without any fears and stress. Private tutions are institute which offer coaching for students apart from the training given at their school. By the tutor, the child refuse to make any efforts on his own.

  • Mostly uneducated and less educated parents sent their children for tutions. Now a days more then 90% students taking home tutions their parents are also welling to provide private tutions because ” Parents belive that scoring high marks in exams is the only way to secure the future”.

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