• FREEDOM TO ASK QUESTIONS – In private tutions students has freedom to ask any question from teacher . in some cases some students are feel shy or feel hesiatae to ask question from teacher.But in home tutions they can ask questions and tell the teacher to solve the query any time.
  • PERSONALIZED ATTENTION – In classroom there are 30-40 students in a class, so the teacher is not able to give personal attention on each and every student. But ion private tution teacher is assured to give the personal attention to only one student.
  • CONVENCE – One of the most important advantage of home tution is that student not need to go anywhere. The teacher will comes at student’s place to anywhere , depending upon the teacher’s conveniences.
  • PERSONALIZED RELATIONSHIP – In home tutions it has very friendly environment in between student and teacher . It also makes student feel comfortable in front of teacher.
  • HELP IN TEST PRACTICE – Private tutors can be especially prepared in regards to test time or exam time. They specialy helps on their week point in the students knowledge .
  • MORE INTERESTING MATERIAL AND FORM OF STUDY – Private tutors provide more intersting material that school provides . then student show there interst in learning that topics in different way. That material can be easy to understand to students.
  • SAVES TIMES AND EFFORTS – Private tutions helps in saving times and efforts of both students and parents. By taking all responsbilites on own. helps in decreasing the students stress by making good notes.

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