• Tution centres have more students and this is because tution centre usually conduct classes in lareg group while on the other hand private tution tutor teaches individually .
  • The comparision between private home tutors and tution centres is is depends on your child . It is the matter of your child future so think about it.
  • A home tutor is not just for giving tution on subjects through. Tutor improve student’s overall performance.
  • CONVENIENCE – The great advantage of home tution is the conviencies for the students. it gives you the flexiblity to decide your getting tutions.
  • SAVES TIMES – Private tutions saves times as compared to coaching centers. In coaching centres students have goto their institute it waste all the valueable time but in private tutions tutor can come in students place and tutor and student both can decide time, day, place according to their needs.
  • GET PERSONALIZED ATTENTION – In private home tutions teacher can give personal attention to student as compared to coaching institutes. In coaching centers for teacher its not possible to give personal attention to every student because its difficult tn in coaching center their are 20-30 students in class but in private tution there are only one student at a time and in priovate tution tutor can give assurance of good results.
  • IMPROVEMENT IN STUDENTS PERFORMANCE – If a student is week in particular subject then private tutor helps in improving skills in that particular subject. but as compared to coaching centers it is neccesary to get improvement in that particular subject.
  • POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT – In coaching center ther are 20-30 students in a batch so student can hestiate to ask queries in front of all. but in private tution a student can ask any question any time without any hesitation.
  • LESSER DISTRACTION- Students faced a lot of distraction in coaching classes,schools, and other public places. But in home tutions gives a repirt from those distractions, and providing a cvomfortable environment.
  • INVOLVEMENT OF PARENTS – In private tutions provides the opportunityb to discuss a child’s progress time to time and they keep tracking of their child performance as compared to coaching classes.
  • SCOPE OF BETTER LEARNING – In private tutions tutor can helps to student to learn in a better way and in a easy way as compared to coaching centers.
  • OPPORTUNITIES FOR PRE LEARNING – Private tutions gives an opportunities for pre learning process before it is discussed in schools. The great advantage of this ;process its helps in creating an image within circle and the teacher because he is already update with all their homework.

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